Keynotes & Workshops

  • Ricochet: What To Do When Change Happens To You

    When disruptive change happens, 1 in 3 people will find inspiration where others find only enslavement. Which person are you?

  • Domino Effect: The Simplest Way To Inspire Change

    Learn to leverage the new science of inspiration to lead change faster and easier in spite of limited time, limited budget, and limited authority. No kidding.

  • Make It Happen: Think Strategically & Act Decisively

    How do big ideas become extraordinary outcomes? One decision at a time. Get focused. Get moving. Get results.

What You Accomplish

Give me an hour and I’ll give you a team ready to conquer everything from reorgs and industry meltdowns to natural disasters and personal tragedies.

  • Discover why adaptive people focus on 3 objectives (find freedom; pursue progress, make meaning)…and why most other people don’t.
  • Why “bouncing back” is the opposite of what resilient teams and leaders do.
  • How highly adaptive people use disruptive change to unlock hidden creative superpowers.
  • How adaptive employees use 2 simple questions to engage themselves in their work when their co-workers check out.
  • The right (and wrong) way to be a pessimist.
  • How to break free from the fear of stress.
  • Why advising people to talk about their feelings is the modern equivalent of bloodletting.

What People Say

  • "That was a 10 out of 10."

  • "Nick was awesome! His message really resonated with our staff, especially as we are undergoing a good amount of change."

    American Chemical Society
  • "It's hard to find truly great speakers. So when you find one like Nick, you use him as often as you can."


What You Accomplish

In this talk I’ll show everyone from shift supervisors to CEOs how to align teams around new goals quicker than ever before.

  • Leverage the new science of inspiration to break through change resistance and hit new, high-value goals in half the time.
  • Discover how to build momentum & gain buy-in faster by leveraging 30-day Sprints and daily Priori-time.
  • 10x the efficiency of your planning conversations by learning the difference between discussing what’s important and deciding what to focus on.
  • Grab people’s attention and earn buy-in by using Permission Ceremonies and Waitlists instead of endless conference calls and overwhelming project plans.
  • Calm fears and supercharge focus by discovering what really happens inside your brain when change happens.
  • Learn a simple way to turn a boilerplate strategic plan into a souped-up change vehicle.

What People Say

  • " of the most engaging and interactive keynotes I've seen."

    John Garrison
    Terex Corporation
  • "Nick's blend of wit and wisdom dramatically simplifies the challenge of leading change in a complex world."

    Doug Eden
  • "The session was outstanding. Months later our team continues to see the impact on our business."

    Michael Devito
    Executive Vice President,
    Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

What You Accomplish

In this unforgettable closing session keynote or half-day workshop, I’ll show you a simple framework for transforming exciting ideas into a game-changing results.

  • Execute with more speed and agility by applying a Know-Think-Do framework.
  • Double your productivity by turning "priorities" into directions.
  • Learn how to start pursuing excellence instead of producing volume.
  • Discover the science behind the Driver mindset & why it is the X-factor for high performance.
  • Bridge the gap between strategy and execution by learning how to define a Decision Pulse for your self and your team.
  • Collaborate more effectively by Consulting an Anti-You before every decision.

What People Say

  • "Whether it’s 45 minutes or three hours, Nick has a way of speaking that engages and excites even our most hard-nosed managers right from the start, and then sustains that level of energy until the very end."

    Royal Bank of Canada
  • "This session helped us immensely. You gave us real ways to drive forward and avoid the swirl of indecision. On top of that, it was also fun!"

    UnitedHealth Group
  • "Fun, interactive, and really made us think... engaging for the entire 90 minutes."

    Hospital Corporation of America

Nick Tasler