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88% of leaders who are merely above average at Strategic Thinking and Decisive Action are in the top 10% of highest-performing leaders across all industries and functions.  

  • Workshops

    Discover the secret to deciding which 3 strategic initiatives your team should focus on each quarter, and how to kill or delay other “good” initiatives that are scattering your team’s time, money, and energy.

  • Certification

    Get certified to develop your leaders’ ability to focus their strategies, align their teams, and execute their plans with speed and agility.

  • Talks

    Kick-start a change initiative or cap off an annual meeting with a riveting keynote that will change how you think while reminding you why love to go to work every morning.

What You Accomplish

In this engaging team experience, you will:

  • Decide your team’s single primary direction for this year.
  • Decide your top 3 strategic priorities for the next 90 days.
  • Decide which priorities your team will NOT focus on for the next 90 days.
  • Decide the top priorities and non-action plans for each individual team member.
  • Learn how to adapt to change by making these decisions all day, every day with the same elegantly simple Know-Think-Do framework.
  • Discover your individual Decision Style and who on your team is your Anti-Style.

How It Works


Before the Workshop, each team member finds their Decision Style and answers a few short questions about what they think their team’s strategic direction is and what their top priorities are.




At either the full or accelerated half-day workshop, your team comes together to get focused. You will decide your primary strategic direction, and define which priorities to elevate in the next 90 days, and which initiatives to quit, kill, or delay.




Stay on track with an in-person follow-up session, a status call, or four weeks of the online Pulse-Checker team competition.

What You Accomplish

Helps others bridge the gap between strategy and execution, by helping them:

  • Respond to change with speed and agility.
  • Focusing their teams on only the highest impact priorities.
  • Stop putting out fires, and start killing low priority projects.
  • Think critically & efficiently.
  • Make smart judgments with limited information.
  • Avoid the swirl of indecision.

How It Works


Before the session, you will

  • Complete your own online Decision Styles Index.
  • Prepare real (past or current) scenarios you want to apply these skills to.




  • Day 1
    • Experience the workshop as a participant in the morning.
    • Introduce certification goals and objectives & debrief learning from the morning
    • Perform hands-on case studies in the afternoon.
  • Day 2
    • Deeper dive into the tools & methodology
    • Using the tools to facilitate a meeting & provide decision recommendations.
    • Teach-backs, closing…and possibly a group hug. (hug is optional)




  • Help your team or your clients use the tools.
  • Bounce around ideas & work through issues with the the community.
  • Change the world.

What You Accomplish

With an entertaining, highly customized keynote speech from Nick Tasler, you can inspire a diverse audience, kickoff a new initiative, or align your team.  In the speech you will:

  • Learn about two decades of academic research revealing why the Decider mindset is the X factor for professional success.
  • Discover a simple 3-part framework for driving change with every decision, every day.
  • Pull yourself “out of the weeds” by learning why producing volume is not the same as pursuing excellence.
  • Remember once again why you love to come to work every day.
  • Prepare yourself to overcome any challenge—personally or professionally--by thinking strategically and acting decisively

What People Say

  • "That was a 10 out of 10. The way you were able to seamlessly customize your speech to our specific needs while still engaging and entertaining a primarily international audience is truly an art, and you nailed it."

    Kevin Kelley
    Vice President Global Enterprise Sales,
  • "That was outstanding...our team is now routinely applying your insights to our daily routines."

    Karl Riem
    Chief Risk Officer,
    The Federal Reserve
  • "Whether it’s 45 minutes or three hours, Nick has a way of speaking that engages and excites even our most hard-nosed managers right from the start, and then sustains that level of energy until the very end."

    Nancy Miedtke
    Senior Manager, Learning & Development,
    Royal Bank of Canada

We Get Results

In this integrated learning system, intact teams and high potential
leaders discover how to:

  • Drive results.
  • Respond to change with speed and agility.
  • Execute with intense focus.
  • Avoid analysis paralysis.
  • Identify and eliminate low priority projects.
  • Think critically & efficiently.