Successful adaptation to change and adversity is the rule of human existence, not the exception.  It is the one thing each and every one of us has been doing, literally, since the day we squirmed out of our mother’s womb. Never before has this truth been more relevant. Never before has this message been more essential. You will adapt.

But how can you unleash that innate creativity and resilience before it’s too late?

The answer is: One decision at a time. Decisions are the most basic building blocks of growth, adaptation, and innovation. In this highly engaging talk, Nick reveals the 5 key decisions that will super-charge your people’s resilience and creativity.
1 . Accept: Every story of successful adaptation and innovation begins with a decision to accept the reality of what you can’t control, while embracing the possibility of what you can.

2. Distance: Distance your team with a future dream.  An inspiring high-level direction is still the ultimate antidote to the poison of crippling anxiety.

3. Align: Adaptation is a team sport.  Keep your your people connected by aligning every one with a #1.

4. Progress: Progress is to human adaptation, what rocket fuel is to space exploration. When teams think big, but start small, anything is possible.

5. Test: When the environment flips from well-known to WTH, long term plans need to make room for short term experiments.

Audience members will walk away from this dynamic session not just more knowledgeable, but also more excited about the hidden opportunities for growth right under their noses. Invigorated by a fresh outlook; connected by a common language; and armed with practical tools and clear decisions, your people will be ready to cut through the chaos with a laser-like focus on organizational objectives, team priorities, and personal growth opportunities.

Most organizations will survive this strange season. But why just survive, when you can thrive?

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