If you’re reading this, you survived the pandemic.  Now, it’s time to stop Surviving and start Thriving.  The great news is that your brain is already one step ahead of you.  In this inspiring and fascinating talk you’ll discover how to unlock insights and abilities you didn’t even know you had…one decision at a time. Decisions are the most basic building blocks of growth and adaptation. In these times of disruptive change, the more strategically and decisively you stack your blocks, the faster and more effectively you’ll seize opportunities, implement creative solutions, and find new ways to accelerate the growth of your career, the transformation of your team, and the prosperity of your organization.

This dynamic and engaging session has been experienced as a keynote, a workshop, or a webinar by tens of thousands of leaders and teams around the globe, ranging from Fortune 500 executives and top-producing sales teams to healthcare providers and entrepreneurs. You’ll discover how to….

1 . Instill a growth mindset in your team members by dispelling toxic myths about organizational change and human adaptation.

2. Inspire creative solutions by transforming do-or-die demands into Distant Dreams.

3. Respond to threats with speed and agility.

4. Make fast, effective decisions by applying a simple 3-part framework.

5. Foster collaboration, improve judgments and break down silos by leveraging “Anti-You’s”.

6. Maximize confidence and creativity by learning to manage the Control Cliff.

7. Optimize your resources by cutting, killing, or tweaking “important” projects that block today’s most promising solutions.

8. Use a Value-Variance Matrix to identify and capitalize on the right growth opportunities.

9. Restore your time, energy, and enthusiasm with the surprisingly simple “priori-time” technique.

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