Why Quitters Win

Decide to Be Excellent

Get this book if you want a fresh perspective on Strategic Thinking and/or Strategic Planning.

Why Quitters Win reveals how an elegantly simple 3-part Strategic Behavior framework is already driving excellence for everyone from Fortune 500 executives and middle managers to busy moms, small business owners and church leaders.

Decades of research in social science and business strategy, as well as my own findings from surveying the decisions of hundreds of thousands of working adults reveal that the most successful people, teams, and companies are not those with access to the widest variety of opportunities or the steadiest supply of creative ideas. Surprisingly, the opposite is true. Too many exciting opportunities, good ideas, and top priorities erode our focus, confuse our teams, and keep us swirling around on a plateau of mediocrity.

Why Quitters Win addresses these critical topics with a simple approach that has the power to profoundly change your life…one decision at a time.

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