All my in-person and virtual talks are customized to meet the specific needs of your audience. But there is a common theme. Whether you want a keynote for your annual sales meeting, a 40-minute webcast for your managers, or a 3-hour strategy session for your executive team, you’ll get an exciting blend of original insights, engaging stories, and immediately usable strategies to Accelerate Growth & Inspire Transformation. See below for a sample of my recent talks…


If you’re reading this, you survived the pandemic.  Now, it’s time to stop Surviving and start Thriving.  The great news is that your brain is already one step ahead of you.  In this inspiring and fascinating talk you’ll discover how to unlock insights and abilities you didn’t even know you had…one decision at a time. Decisions are the most basic building blocks of growth and adaptation. In these times of disruptive change, the more strategically and decisively you stack your blocks, the faster and more effectively you’ll seize opportunities, implement creative solutions, and find new ways to accelerate the growth of your career, the transformation of your team, and the prosperity of your organization.

This dynamic and engaging session has been experienced as a keynote, a workshop, or a webinar by tens of thousands of leaders and teams around the globe, ranging from Fortune 500 executives and top-producing sales teams to healthcare providers and entrepreneurs. You’ll discover how to….

  1. Instill a growth mindset in your team members by dispelling toxic myths about organizational change and human adaptation.
  2. Inspire creative solutions by transforming do-or-die demands into Distant Dreams.
  3. Respond to threats with speed and agility.
  4. Make fast, effective decisions by applying a simple 3-part framework.
  5. Foster collaboration, improve judgments and break down silos by leveraging “Anti-You’s”.
  6. Maximize confidence and creativity by learning to manage the Control Cliff.
  7. Optimize your resources by cutting, killing, or tweaking “important” projects that block today’s most promising solutions.
  8. Use a Value-Variance Matrix to identify and capitalize on the right growth opportunities.
  9. Restore your time, energy, and enthusiasm with the surprisingly simple “priori-time” technique.

What People are Saying

“Awesome virtual presentation. Our sales leaders loved it. Clear, concrete, and very helpful.” {Dell Technologies}
“The session was outstanding. Months later our team continues to see the impact on our business.” {CEO, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage}
“It’s hard to find truly great speakers. So when you find one like Nick, you use him as often as you can.” {ConferenceDirect}
“This session alone made the entire 3-day conference worthwhile. In 3 hours we accomplished what it normally takes us weeks of strategic planning to do.” {CEO, Hospice & Palliative Care organization}

MASTERING CHANGE: Five Decisions That Accelerate Growth & Inspire Innovation

Successful adaptation to change and adversity is the rule of human existence, not the exception.  It is the one thing each and every one of us has been doing, literally, since the day we squirmed out of our mother’s womb. Never before has this truth been more relevant. Never before has this message been more essential. You will adapt.

But how can you unleash that innate creativity and resilience before it’s too late?

The answer is: One decision at a time. Decisions are the most basic building blocks of growth, adaptation, and innovation. In this highly engaging talk, Nick reveals the 5 key decisions that will super-charge your people’s resilience and creativity.

01 Accept: Every story of successful adaptation and innovation begins with a decision to accept the reality of what you can’t control, while embracing the possibility of what you can.

02 Distance: Distance your team with a future dream.  An inspiring high-level direction is still the ultimate antidote to the poison of crippling anxiety.

03 Align: Adaptation is a team sport.  Keep your your people connected by aligning every one with a #1.

04 Progress: Progress is to human adaptation, what rocket fuel is to space exploration. When teams think big, but start small, anything is possible.

05 Test: When the environment flips from well-known to WTH, long term plans need to make room for short term experiments.

Audience members will walk away from this dynamic session not just more knowledgeable, but also more excited about the hidden opportunities for growth right under their noses. Invigorated by a fresh outlook; connected by a common language; and armed with practical tools and clear decisions, your people will be ready to cut through the chaos with a laser-like focus on organizational objectives, team priorities, and personal growth opportunities.

Most organizations will survive this strange season. But why just survive, when you can thrive?

What People are Saying

“ of the most engaging and interactive keynotes I've seen.” {Terex Corporation}
“Nick's blend of wit and wisdom dramatically simplifies the challenge of leading change in a complex world.” {Cargill}
“Nick was awesome! His message really resonated with our staff, especially as we are undergoing a good amount of change.” {American Chemical Society}


This highly interactive virtual Keynote + Breakout combo was designed to unlock the potential of current and future leaders at every level of the organization.

The keynote reveals how the future of you and everyone you know will be made with two key ingredients: Fate and Freedom. Fate is about all the opportunities and threats that will cross your path or plunk you upside the head. Freedom is about the decisions you’ll make in order to leverage every twist of fate that weaves itself into your life and your work–the good and the bad; the ugly and the beautiful. Through a combination of engaging stories and interactive questions, your people will begin to discover what they are truly capable of.

In the breakouts, smaller groups of audience members will learn to immediately apply seven simple strategies for discovering and maximizing the sources of their greatest potential.

  1. Discover Your Driver
  2. Spotlight Your Superpower
  3. Define a Distant Dream
  4. Apply the Buffet Principle
  5. Wait More, Win More
  6. Priori-Time Your Day
  7. W.A.G. Your Tale

What People are Saying

“Whether it’s 45 minutes or three hours, Nick has a way of speaking that engages and excites even our most hard-nosed managers right from the start, and then sustains that level of energy until the very end.” {Royal Bank of Canada}
“This session helped us immensely. You gave us real ways to drive forward and avoid the swirl of indecision. On top of that, it was also fun!” {UnitedHealth Group}