Keynotes & Workshops

All my speeches and workshops are designed to connect with your people and address your challenges. But there is a common theme. Whether you want a 45-minute keynote that inspires thousands of salespeople and service providers to embrace change or an interactive workshop with your top leadership team, you will get a blend of science-based insight, engaging stories, and practical tools. Check out samples of recent talks below…

THE DECISIVE LEADER: Inspiring Growth & Harnessing Change...One Decision at a Time

Change happens when decisions happen. Change stalls when decisions don’t.

Decisions are the most basic building blocks of growth and innovation. The more strategically and decisively we stack those blocks, the faster and more effectively we adapt to disruptions, implement creative solutions, and optimize our resources. It really is that simple.

This is my flagship program. It has been experienced as a keynote or an interactive workshop by tens of thousands of leaders  and teams around the globe including everyone from Fortune 500 executives and top-producing sales teams to healthcare providers and entrepreneurs. In this experience, you’ll discover how to….

  1. Bridge the gap between strategy & execution.
  2. Make good decisions faster all day with an elegantly simple Know-Think-Do framework.
  3. Use a Decision Pulse to instantly align your team for change.
  4. Leverage an “Anti-You” to quickly and easily improve snap judgments.
  5. Keep yourself in a confident, creative, and decisive mindset all day, every day.
  6. Use a Sprint and Waitlist to clarify direction and see results faster.
  7. Identify and kill “important” projects that distract from your most innovative solutions.
  8. How to use a Value-Variance Matrix to channel innovations that make your team truly unique to both your internal and external customers.
  9. How to use “priori-time” to regain control of your schedule.

What People are Saying

“That was a 10 out of 10.” {MICROSOFT}
“The session was outstanding. Months later our team continues to see the impact on our business.” {CEO, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage}
“It’s hard to find truly great speakers. So when you find one like Nick, you use him as often as you can.” {ConferenceDirect}
“This session alone made the entire 3-day conference worthwhile. In 3 hours we accomplished what it normally takes us weeks of strategic planning to do.” {CEO, Hospice & Palliative Care organization}

SELL YOUR CHANGE: Harnessing the Power of Informal decision at a time

Nobody is better positioned to navigate disruptive changes than the salespeople, service reps, and project managers who make the organization move day after day. Unfortunately, they are often held back by a belief that they lack the time, the budget, and the formal authority to drive the needed changes. This exciting keynote shatters that debilitating belief by revealing three simple decisions can unleash the bold change agents at the heart of your organization’s success.

DECISION 01 : What is the Pulse of your change…and what are the opportunities you’ll have to sacrifice to serve that Pulse?

DECISION 02 : Which powerful people inside your organization do you need to inspire…and which do you need to politely ignore (for now)?

DECISION 03 : What bold, unexpected action will you take to kickstart your change?

By blending riveting stories like the redemption of Starbucks to the trigger event in the Civil Rights Movement with cutting edge research, I’ll give you simple tools for making these 3 vital decisions. In the process, you’ll discover:

  • What a Decision Pulse is and why it is the secret weapon of all successful change leaders.
  • How to avoid the twin sins of Promiscuous Prioritizing and Leaky Leadership with a strategy of “shore up the core and provide them with more.”
  • How the most successful and passionate change leaders do not allow their passion to undermine their strategy.
  • How to use a Value-Variance Matrix to confidently choose “best practices” that fit your unique situation.
  • How to rally vital supporters by using 2 Super-Criteria.Why the idea that “change is hard” is a toxic myth that science has now debunked.
  • How to use a Sprint and a Waitlist to keep you thinking–and behaving–like the Change Leader you were meant to be.

What People are Saying

“ of the most engaging and interactive keynotes I've seen.” {Terex Corporation}
“Nick's blend of wit and wisdom dramatically simplifies the challenge of leading change in a complex world.” {Cargill}
“Nick was awesome! His message really resonated with our staff, especially as we are undergoing a good amount of change.” {American Chemical Society}

The Resilent Team: Growing in the Midst of Change...One Decision at a Time

Change is hard.  Failure is likely.  Resistance is common.

To paraphrase Mark Twain, these lies, damned lies and pseudo-statistics have gone viral in today’s breakrooms and board meetings.  Some are dangerous half-truths while others are complete fabrications with zero supporting evidence.  Research shows that all these bogus bromides and pithy platitudes have been scaring the shift out of talented employees and stifling organizational change for the last half century.  Instead of inspiring change they have paralyzed your people.

It’s time to change the way we talk about change.

In this funny and fascinating talk based on organizational psychologist Nick’s groundbreaking work for Harvard Business Publishing, your team will learn how to unlock the resilient superpowers that come standard with every human brain.

Through Nick’s trademark blend of counterintuitive insights, riveting stories, and cutting- edge research, he’ll take your people on an exciting journey to discover practical communication strategies and liberating personal truths that will:

  • inspire adaptation instead of intimidation
  • turn fear into focus
  • convert doubt into determination
  • transform turbulent time periods into legacy-shaping opportunities
  • help you stop burning platforms and start building bridges to a brighter future

What People are Saying

“Whether it’s 45 minutes or three hours, Nick has a way of speaking that engages and excites even our most hard-nosed managers right from the start, and then sustains that level of energy until the very end.” {Royal Bank of Canada}
“This session helped us immensely. You gave us real ways to drive forward and avoid the swirl of indecision. On top of that, it was also fun!” {UnitedHealth Group}