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Hi, i'm Nick

I'm an organizational psychologist, keynote speaker & expert on the science of embracing change.
Teams that embrace change, grow faster and win bigger.

Leaders who embrace change, breathe easier and reach higher.

Every year, I inspire hundreds of teams—from the storefronts to the C-suites—to embrace change.

Incredibly engaging...challenged the audience and captured their attention in a unique and exciting way.

annual Head Traders Meeting

Outstanding speaker! Compelling stories, insightful questions, and lots of food for thought.

High Potential leader program

Blew my mind! I honestly cannot believe how customized that was.   

field leadership Meeting

Two years after Nick's talk, I'm still amazed at how truly transformational  it was for our division.


Connecting with a primarily international audience is no easy task, but Nick nailed it.

Global users conference

Simply awesome presentation. Clear, concrete, and very helpful.

latam sales leaders meeting

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kickoff your meeting with a mindset refresh

Nick's unique blend of fascinating stories, evidence-based insights and natural charisma engages and inspires audiences all over the world—including Fortune 500 executives and top-producing sales teams as well as non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs.   

45-minute Keynote | 90-minute Interactive | 3-hour workshop

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You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll learn.

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