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your year of wonders
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Hi, i'm Nick.

organizational psychologist | Leadership  Speaker

Change around us unleashes
Growth inside us that leads to big
Wins ahead of us.

From the storefronts to the C-suites–-whether you sell software or soft drinks--the Year of Wonders message will elevate the mood of your next meeting and transform the thinking of your leaders and sales teams.  


Incredibly engaging...challenged the audience and captured their attention in a unique and exciting way.

annual Head Traders Meeting

Outstanding speaker! Compelling stories, insightful questions, and lots of food for thought.

High Potential leader program

Blew my mind! I honestly cannot believe how customized that was.   

field leadership Meeting

Two years after Nick's talk, I'm still amazed at how truly transformational  it was for our division.


Connecting with a primarily international audience is no easy task, but Nick nailed it.

Global users conference

Simply awesome presentation. Clear, concrete, and very helpful.

latam sales leaders meeting

kick off your Annual meeting with a growth mindset

Shifting Leaders from "Change is Hard" to "Growth is Happening"

Nick's exciting message on the fascinating way our brains use external change to unleash internal growth is the perfect way to kick off your meeting.  Nick tills the soil in your audience's minds so that when you drop the seeds of your future goals or your new strategy, those seeds will fall on fertile ground.

50-minute Keynotes | 90-minute Interactive Sessions

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You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll learn.

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