Who Is Nick Tasler?

Nick Tasler is an internationally acclaimed thought leader and—

Sorry for the interruption. My “official” bio continues below and, fear not, it is chock full of the requisite self-aggrandizement and third person references to my many, many accolades. But before I attempt to convince you that I am the Batman of business thought leaders, let me tell you who I am in real life. I’m a dad, a husband, and a total geek about the science of human nature. My dream is to spend every working moment writing and speaking about the latest and greatest insights that help us turn unpredictable changes into meaningful and exciting adventures. So, yeah, I guess I’m living my dream. Maybe my dream and your dilemma should hook up sometime and…ya know, grab a coffee and a gluten-free bagel or something?

Now back to our regularly scheduled list of things I would never ever say to someone I just met…

Nick Tasler is an internationally acclaimed thought leader, organizational psychologist and the #1 best-selling author of four counter-intuitive books on the art and science of making decisions and leading change. He is also an expert writer for the Harvard Business Review and his work has been covered by The New York Times, Bloomberg Business Week, The Atlantic, Inc., U.S. News & World Report, The Financial Times, Fox Business, and Forbes; as well as NPR, the BBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS.

Nick’s original insights and dynamic style have benefited the world’s most respected organizations ranging from General Electric, Microsoft, JP Morgan, Novo Nordisk, Wells Fargo, the Royal Bank of Canada, and UnitedHealth Group to the Wharton School, Yale University, and many more.Nomadic by nature, Nick and his wife and their four kids live in…lots of places. Sometimes Minnesota. Sometimes Florida. Currently Puerto Rico.