Your year of wonders

In 10 years, your Future Self will look back on this wildly unpredictable time of upheaval and disruption as Your 'Year of Wonders.' 

Why? Because your brain is wired to unleash hidden creative superpowers during seasons of chaos and confusion just like this.

This eye-opening fact is at the heart of Nick’s soul-stirring message -- which has been transforming organizational cultures and breathing new life into careers and teams all across the globe.

Whether you’re rallying your team for a sweeping transformation of your organization or striving to rise above a lingering crisis in your industry, this keynote will inspire your audience to reframe their current struggles and reimagine the future possibilities for their business, their career, and their legacy.

Your audience will discover...1. Why external change produces internal growth.

2. What a 16th century physicists' falling apple shows us about how the brains of 21st Century leaders  are wired to greet today’s confusion and chaos with creativity and courage

3. How to simply and successfully manage the tension between bold risk-taking and responsible stewardship of people and resources.

4. The mysterious truth that uncomfortable feelings of confusion and uncertainty are actually a fantastic sign that you are on the verge of wondrous, future-shaping discoveries.

Welcome to your Year of Wonders.

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